Our mission

This site is designed to crowd source IVF clinic information during the Covid-19 pandemic, and during later phases of recovery.

Some clinics have completely suspended all appointments and procedures, and others remain open for all treatment and IVF cycles. While ASRM continues to offer evolving guidance, there is no consensus among leading Reproductive Endocrinologist and IVF professionals as to what treatment options should remain accessible. Current patients, as well as would-be-patients, remain anxious about scheduled treatment, and are looking for the latest information as it becomes available. By sharing evolving community and IVF center information, patients can make choices about their care. We believe in the power of informed consent between patient and doctor to guide these medical decisions.

Get involved

Whether you are a patient or clinician, we encourage to fill out our 60 second survey to share what you know about your clinic.

Nothing on this website is meant to provide medical information, treatment or guidance. Furthermore, the information is all self-reported by the user community and is only as current and up-to-date as provided by the user. There are useful links to each clinic in order to facilitate direct contact for the most recent clinic information.

Please note that multiple locations may have different options, contact satellite for specific details. This information is crowd sourced and has not been checked for accuracy.